To be able to further develope this event we would like to have the opinions and comments of the participants. The task-force reviews the survey data and comments received carefully and even if your past suggestion was not used feel free to re-include it as circumstances change from year to year.

Deadline for submission is Friday, 19 October 2018.


From among those who participate in this survey we will draw Two winners for a round of golf for four persons on a weekday at Atsugi Kokusai G.C.. (does not include caddie fee, if caddie is needed)

Note that you have to submit your name and contact information to participate in the drawing.

1.  Organization of the event
  Information leading
up to the event
Arrangements during
the event
A) Excellent
B) Good
C) Average
D) Not so good
E) Bad

2.  The Course
A) Excellent
B) Good
C) Average
D) Not so good
E) Bad

3.  Food & Beverage Service
  On CourseAt the party
A) Excellent
B) Good
C) Average
D) Not so good
E) Bad

4.  Pace of play
Pace of play is not an issue as I am there for other reasons
Good considering number and level of players
Too long --stricter course marshaling is needed
Too long -- beginners should be restricted from playing
Too Long-- slow foursomes should be penalized
Other, what:

5.  Main reason why I participated
Exciting event
To expand my business network
Friend/colleague encouraged me
I like to play golf
Chance to win good prizes
Don't know

6.  Cost of participation
Would participate even if it cost a bit more
Too expensive
No opinion/Don't know

7.  Would you like to play next year's event again at Atsugi Kokusai C.C.
No, I would like to change course;
No difference/No preference

8.  General comments (positive and/or negative)

Contact Information
Including the personal data is optional for the survey, but necessary if you would like to participate in the drawing. In any case please don't forget to click the "submit" button at the bottom.

Your name:

Thank you for your cooperation!
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