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To further develop the event, we conducted a survey among the participants. The survey was ran from October 10 - 20, 2017.

We would like to thank all those who participated in this survey. Your feedback, and especially all the comments we received are very useful guidelines for planning and implementing next year's event!

"The weather held up. it was the perfect weather for golf and good company. The location of Atsugi is great since it is under 90 minutes from Tokyo (even with traffic). Great work to the committee again."

Statement from a North American participant

"A great day on the links. the peoria makes it casual and fun.The lottery prizes add excitement at the party."

Statement from a European participant.

"Dear, I've really enjoyed this Cup. Thank you for everything you have done for us!!"

Statement from a Japanese participant.

We drew six winners among the survey respondents.

Two winners for weekday golf round for four persons at Atsugi Kokusai C.C (will be drawn later).
  • Matti Ranta (EU)
  • Kieron Cashell (EU)

  • The winners will be notified.

    The survey was announced to 115 participants. We did not have email addresses to some of the guests and the organizers were excluded form the total of 157 players that participated in the event.

    We received 48 valid responses after removing multiple and incomplete entries.
    Thus the response rate is 41.7%, which can be considered good and gives a high statistical significance to the results. 23 of the respondents represented Team Europe, 25 Team North America.

    The numbers and graphs below speak for themselves. To see the comments from respondents, scroll down or click here.

    1.  General opinion about the event?



    2.  The Course

     Interesting/Challenging course

     Course condition

    3.  Food & Beverage Service

     On the course

     At the party

    5.  Pace of play

    6.  Main reason why I participated

    7.  Cost of participation

    8.  Would you like to play next years event again at Atsugi Kokusai C.C.


    34 respondents also gave some comments. Below are all of them, only with minor editing and some shortened for clarity. Also removed are personal comments.
    NOTE: Comments from respondents have been split up into below categories, where applicable.

    General Comments
    • Thanks to the committee and whole team to make this event happen.
    • A great day on the links. the peoria makes it casual and fun.The lottery prizes add excitement at the party.
    • What a fantastic day and really enjoyed !
    • Great job again guys. Congratulations. Will look to sponsor next year. Many thanks!
    • Excellent organization - as always. A big "Thank You" to the organizers!!!!!!!!
    • I've really enjoyed this Cup. Thank you for everything you have done for us!!
    • It was a fabulous event. This was my first time and I'm looking forward to playing every year!
    • Excellent organization. Need to gather good player in the same play, to haven more fun. (Similar handicap)
    • Great event that I've been participating in for a number of years now & I plan to continue doing so!
    • Job well done.
    • Thank you for arranging this exciting event! If I choose one thing which can improved, but we waited for more than an hour (on hole no. 10). If we did not wait there, we had not been hit by rain and did not have any chance to get cold. (maybe, a hole to take a photo with a pro-golfer? if so, the opportunity might be better to be optional). Well, totally, I am fully satisfied so please let me join this for the next time as well. Thank you.
    • Very well organized. Great job this year again everyone.
    • Great event. I'd like to select more one answer to question 5. Exciting event and good business networking.
    • Unless we get a super famous Pro Golfer, I suggest doing away with having a Pro on the course shooting on a par 3 with each group.
    Comments about the club, course and play
    • The location of Atsugi is great since it is under 90 minutes from Tokyo (even with traffic).
    • Lastly greens were a bit bumpy - howabout fixing greens tutorials for the real beginners.
    • Overall, great job again! Thank you. However, I do have the following comments regarding our caddie. Our group's caddie (13A) was absolutely horrible. I had her two years ago and she was just as bad. She did absolutely nothing to help our foursome, lost balls, caused penalties in our scores, did not read the greens, etc. She is not mentally fit to be a caddie. I think it may have something to do with her age, but am not sure. Part of me thinks she treats this outing as a vacation. I seriously suggest that the organizers lodge a complaint with Atsugi-kokusai about her. Apparently, according to another foursome who had her last year, she is notorious for being a horrible caddie.
    Comments about food and drinks
    • The Food & Drink place on the first hole should be maked better. It is hard to see from where the cart stops at the T-Box.
    • Perhaps a few different snacks for buffet next time How about bringing back the draft beer as well ? And some campaign girls!
    • Sweets such as chocolates or candies beside burgers would be served.
    Comments about party and prizes
    • Competition prize to the best grosses is to be limited only to the best one, and not to runner up and 3rd ones, and also to avoid double prizes (i.e. best gross and ranking prize to the same person) to give more chances to average players.
    • It's a little pity it's so noicy when all people gather at the price cermony, so it's difficult to hear all presentations, sponsors, name etc.
    • Better quality of the loudspeaker, soundsystem and clear and high voice for next years presentation would be good.
    • Suggest consider the proceedings of the party not to be noisy with chatting but to draw attention to each sponsor's presentation by participants.
    Comments about pace of play
    • Too long- but reason I don't know.
    • From my perspective limiting the number of participants strictly to 144 will already help to speed up play.
    • The par 3s became clogged, especially the hole no. 10 with lady pro and lunch serving. It would be better to play without waiting through 18 holes and then eat and have party.
    • Good pace, but the wait for the par 3 with the pro was too long (in excess of 30 minutes). the teams should have teed off before the previous group were allowed to put
    • Too long, too many participants. Very beginners is not helping, playing more than 120... need to go faster out of the green
    • 1 hour wait at the hole where the woman pro was!
    • Incredible waste of time at nr 10; rest was "normally" slow for that type of event
    • Need to encourage people to play faster, still most went very well on the Course.
    • It took about 6 hours to complete the round and that didn't include a lunch break (well, I guess the 45 minute backup at the par-3 1st turned into a lunch break). Somehow the par-3's need to move faster.
    Comments about an alternative course
    • Tsutsujigaoka CC
    • A little bit longer course.
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