Date: Friday 2 October

Tee-off: 8:30 (shotgun start)

Venue: Atsugi Kokusai C.C.

Number of players:
  • North America 72
  • Europe 72

    Participation fee:
       24,000 yen all included

        by Tue. 29 September

    Play format:
       New Peoria (shin-peria)

    Team Competition:
       Best 80 % in each team
       counts as the team score

  • ACCJ
  • European Business

    Title Sponsors:
        Daimler Japan, Ltd.
        Chrysler Japan Co., Ltd.

    Hosting provided by:

  • The European Team takes the 2009 Daimler & Chrysler Cup!

    The 7th Cup, played on Friday 2 October at the Atsugi Kokusai Country Club in Kanagawa Prefecture, was won by the European Team with an average of 75.69 strokes for the best 80% of the players. The North American team average was 76,64, a difference of about one stroke.

    This was the third win for Europe (previous wins in 2003 and 2007), the North American team has four wins

    Despite quite heavy rain almost throughout play, the event was greatly enjoyed by the 126 players, 66 for Team North America, 60 for Team Europe.

    Right EU Team Captain Tommy Kullberg (EBC Chairman) receives the trophy from Kintaro Ueno of Mercedes-Benz Japan and Isamu Suzuki of Chrysler Japan.

    The results from the Participants' Survey are now available!

    For more about the event, go to: Event Report, Results and the Gallery.

    Erik Ullner, EBC TreasurerHapag-Lloyd

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